Ngenoh Geoffrey

MSc. Agri-enterprise Development

Ngenoh, Geoffrey Cheruiyot is a Kenyan by nationality, born December 28, 1990 in Ndanai, Sotik District of the great South Rift Valley. He grew up in a remote African setting under the woven socio-cultural fabric of traditional beliefs, besides struggle, suffering and anxiety as he manoeuvre to complete his studies because his background was so humble. He is currently enrolled in a Master of Science course in Agri-Enterprise Development at Egerton University.

He is currently attached to the University farm where he is involved at the rabbitry unit doing activities not limited to feeding, general cleaning of the houses, identification, weighing and treatment of the rabbits. This attachment has enabled him learnt more technical skills on how to start and run the similar enterprise while solving challenges associated with farming as agribusiness.

His main aspirations for studying MSc. Agri-Enterprise course in addition to farm attachment is to gain experience and key lessons that would assist him start, run and build his future agro-enterprise projects. He yearned to use the skills gained to establish agribusiness at home and use his experiences to advise the local farmers and worldwide in future so as to increase their farm productivity.