Mercyline Jerusa

MSc. Agri-enterprise Development

Mercyline Jerusa Ong’ayo. Is a Kenyan born in the year 1987 in Mabole sub-location, Butere sub-county, Kakamega County in western, Kenya. She is the second child in a family of six and was raised by a single parent in a humble upbringing. Despite of encountering social and financial challenges in her quest to get education, Mercyline has been able to sail through and she is determined to achieve her goals. She is currently pursuing masters of Science in Agri-enterprise Development at Egerton University in Kenya.

Mercyline aspires to make a positive impact towards transformation of agriculture in her nation and improvement of rural livelihoods especially the subsistence farmers and the youth. She intends to achieve her goal by spearheading adoption and commercialization of agri-enterprises among the community and especially the youth.

Mercyline has been able to acquire knowledge and skill from her course work, business prototype and field attachment which she believes will lay a strong foundation towards achievement of her goal. She has also been able to interact with the community in order to conduct her research in line with the needs in the community. She further acknowledges that experiential learning will play a significant role towards transformation of agriculture and poverty eradication.