Since I joined POTATO CARP project in September, 2017 I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills on Potato crop. First of all, in my life, I didn’t know anything about seed potato, my mother used to plant potatoes from the seeds which were always saved from the previous growing season or they were bought from the neighbours. As such I grew up to know that potato seed is obtained from the previous crop. However, being involved in CARP activities like baseline survey, trainings, field days and trade fairs has help me to understand the potato crop better. The knowledge I gained has helped me in developing my proposal which I am currently working on. It is titled “Determinants of smallholder farmer’s decision to do collective marketing in seed potato.” The research will help farmers to improve their decisions to join groups and participate in collective marketing in order to increase income and ultimately improve their livelihoods. The following are activities that have taken place under CARP.


The following activities took place; training to familiarise with the questionnaire, pre-testing of the questionnaire and the final data collection. The final data collection took place in 2days and four sites were visited including; Mauche, Molo, Elburgon and Sirikwa. This activity helped me to interact better with farmers. I managed to interact with chairpersons of two groups that we visited, I was able to obtain data for the group which added value in shaping my proposal.

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