Nancy W. Mungai (PhD)

Associate Professor of Soil Science & Director, Board of Undergraduate Studies

Egerton University

Nancy is an associate professor of soil fertility and microbiology with research interests in biological nitrogen fixation in grain legumes, biological agricultural inputs, and relevance of soil-based approaches for adaptation & mitigation to climate change. She has successfully coordinated about 10 research projects since 2006, 7 of which she was PI. Nancy has coordinated university wide student internship programs since 2011. She has supervised over 10 graduate students and has published over 40 publications in internationally refereed and peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings and technical reports. 


Nancy is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Project titled “Transforming African Agricultural Universities to meaningfully contribute to Africa’s Growth and Development” (TAGDev) at Egerton University.  Nancy’s responsibility include the development and implementation of strategies, procedures, guidelines and templates such as those for recruitment and placement, reporting, monitoring, evaluation and learning, among others, in line with the signed Letter of Agreement between Egerton University and RUFORUM.  Nancy oversees and coordinates Program staff of the MCF@ Egerton Unit to ensure the effective implementation of the Program, including its sustainability. She is also responsible for alignment of work plans, activities and budget for the Program at Egerton by ensuring their effective implementation. Further she ensures program monitoring, evaluation, and learning at Egerton and hence to the overall program evaluation.


As Director Board of undergraduate studies, Nancy oversees monitoring of undergraduate curricula adherence to Egerton University statutes and that of Commission for Universities Education (CUE) standards and guidelines, promotion of interdisciplinary collaboration at undergraduate level during curriculum development and review, overseeing the publication of the University catalogue, coordination and facilitation of Field Attachment (FA) with components of community engagement and Teaching Practice (TP) placement and assessment.. To accomplish these tasks, Nancy works with 7 staff in BUGS secretariat, over 40 FA/ TP coordinators and a 22-member Board of senior academic staff.